About Us

Kenine Dog Training  is dedicated to promoting responsible dog ownership.

Kenine dog training promotes socially acceptable and well adjusted family dogs and responsible dog owners. It is non-competitive and open to dogs of all ages and breeds, Emphasis is placed on the handler’s ability to handle, control and generally care for their dog in a domestic environment.

All training is done in a relaxed and informal atmosphere so that both dogs and their handlers can enjoy the sessions. Other family members are welcome to come along to watch and this can be very helpful in maintaining continuity of training at home.

We aim to teach you, the owner, how to enjoy your dog and be confident when handling him/her. We will also teach you to be a responsible owner with tips on grooming and health checks. All training is reward based and we try to make all sessions fun for both handlers and dogs. All dogs are treated as individuals as they all learn at different rates and our classes are on-going, not just for specific duration.

Annette, Kenine’s main trainer has owned and trained German Shepherds, but now has a working cocker which has Bronze, Silver and Gold in The KENNEL CLUB GOOD CITIZEN SCHEME. She is also gun dog  and  agility trained.

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